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Mike Pullano, Joe Gatto, Derek D, Mailano Vayntrub, AT&T Girl, Impractical Jokers, Other Space, Live Prude Girls

Mike Rizzo

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Mike Rizzo & Brian Bonz of Bobo Touch

Posted: 07/26/2015 11:56 pm

Mike Pullano, Joe Gatto, Derek D, Mailano Vayntrub, AT&T Girl, Impractical Jokers, Other Space, Live Prude Girls













So Bonz and I recently did a podcast with these magical dudes, Mike Pullano and Derek Deangelis, from the PBR Podcast and it was a super fun time. These guys have been on our radar for some time after meeting them at the Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others private screening in Staten Island. Their podcast is hillarious and has featured well known guests like Colin Jost (SNL), Joe Gatto & Sal Vulcano (Impractical Jokers) and recently that AT&T girl from the commercials. We are stoked they wanted us on their show.


PBR crew with Joe Gatto and Milana Vayntrub












The night went down like this…The PBR Podcast studio is located in New Jersey, so us Brooklyn boys have a little commute. I leave work a little early to encounter the worst train ride of my life — no trains then an express turned local — but it’s ok cause an Asian guy was watching Saturday Night Fever and was staying alive, and I was too.


The Commute

Bonz was in full daddy mode and was waiting to be relieved from watching his son, by Mama Bonz. She too experienced the horrendous train delays causing a spiral effect of lateness all around. Thankfully on the road we experienced no traffic and passed through Red Bank NJ, home to Kevin Smith, and by the power of Silent Bob we got there just in time.


 We roll up to this beautiful home, where Kelly the awesome producer, greets us with pizza and beer. We were HOPING this would happen, since their former name was Pizza, Beer, Revolution, not cause we’re trying to mooch.


 While grooving on some beers and Jersey Pizza (The pizza was good, we checked our Brooklyn Pizza elitism at the door), we get escorted down by Kelly and Dennis the intern to this dream basement of audio mixers, microphones, cozy chairs, a bar, round table and we felt right at home. In other words, these guys are not messing around — a pro setup.


 We discussed our new Bobo Touch Original “Texting and Walking”, the origin of our name, what the hell we are about, played some fun games and even touched on current events. Mike Pullano’s ability to amaze you with his 60% truths is a real thing and at times we just wanted to hug him gently. Derek D lost his shit over our Chinese Food video, had extra abilities at the gaming portion of the night, and overall a good dude with nice muscles.


 We can’t wait to check out what they put together with the podcast, and hopefully some videos will surface on their youtube channel. Subscribe their podcast here, and let the good times roll.

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