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Samantha Quintas & Ming Chen of the (S) & (M) Smorning Show Podcast

Posted: 07//25/15 9:40pm

In this Part Two of Two, #theboys mash it up with two of our favorite PBR VIPs, Samantha Quintas and Ming Chen.  If you haven't heard Part One, check it out HERE on the (S)am & (M)ing Morning Show! Get your pen and paper ready because Sam and the boys laundry list the cult classic movies of their past.  You're going to want to write these down and cue up your Netflix wish list.  Pulp Fiction, Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, the list goes on.  Happy viewing!


The Morning Show ... or actually "The Never in the Morning" podcast as they affectionately refer to it is part of the Smodcast Network - Kevin Smith's conglomerate podcast network.  Speaking of Smodcast ... when we arrived we caught the tail end of the “I Sell Comics” pod recording with Mike Zapcic.  What a cool guy and very gracious.  Check out his show.  Bonus: Ming Chen co-hosts.


But in this Part 2 of 2 episode, we kick off in the middle with our signature segment, Top or Bottom.  We tackle politics, movies, epic towns, and the future of comics.  This may be the longest version of Top or Bottom ever mostly because the entire peanut gallery makes a cameo! Arnold, Phillip, Jesse, Donald, etc.  It’s really pretty surreal.  Some of them show up at the same time and get into the strangest debates.  As Phillip tries to understand the Flux Capacitor, Arnold just wants him to get Back to the Future.  And have we actually come to a point where Mike will mute his own mic?  You’ll have to listen to see what brings us to that level of insanity!


It’s a classic PBR game this week, but surprisingly enough Ming Chen has never played.  Sam almost stumps the boys with "What's in the Box?" but Michael pulls it out in the end.  By the way, have you heard about this self aware robot?  Mike's mind is blown, and he is home as we speak prepping for Doomsday.  Dennis was here too, but considering we were on location in Red Bank, NJ (a cool little city) Dennis was nowhere to be found when we needed him.  #producerproblems




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